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Since its foundation, the goal of Covind has always been to create catalogues and innovative communication media that are easy to use, and that would become a real working tool for its clients, thus creating a "direct line" with the sales network.

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  Brand Catalogues

It has always been our tool par excellence. The master catalogues, with its easy to understand drawings laid out over multiple pages, the comparative tables, the ability to apply our components to different vehicle models and the division of components according to brand, became a "must" for the domestic and international markets.
  Families products catalogues

As a "new arrival" our product line catalogues represent an innovative tool that groups our components by product families. New graphics and more technical information will help you to find the product you need.

A useful tool, easy to use, lightweight and practical, especially for those who travel often. The latest edition includes 48 technical sheets covering the most requested models on the market.

"Accordion-shaped” brochures which contain in their 60x84cm a short company profile, with Corporate and product images. Concrete, concise and easy to read, ideal for a first approach to the Covind world. 

  Class Vehicles catalogues